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St. Thomas-St. John Federation of Teachers

AFL-CIO-CLC, Local 1825

Phone:  (340) 776-1825/ Fax (340) 777-1825/ Email:

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            On behalf of the St. Thomas - St. John Federation of Teachers, I welcome you to our web page. From our inception, Local 1825 has been at the forefront of educational issues and reform.

            Recognizing the importance of today's technology as an information and education tool, we have several goals for this site. First, we want this to be a place, for members and visitors alike, to learn about Local 1825, our goals, programs, and accomplishments. Second, we want this site to be a place where all stakeholders in the educational community can come together and discuss educational issues.

           All are welcome here. Together we can make a better educational system for our children.

Unionism Always!

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